Manage Your Breath to Release Stress – Free Live Webinar

Did you know that the average human breathes around 16-20 breaths a minute? That’s quicker than 2 seconds to inhale and 2 seconds to exhale. When we’re stressed, our breath may be even shorter and quicker! We’re cut off from our vitality. Breathwork, when following specific techniques, can change the way we handle stressors in our lives… and help us achieve our goals.

In this free live webinar you’ll learn:
* How stress is one of the most powerful factors in preventing you from achieving your goals
* Where stress comes from and how it may be obviously, or not so obviously, sabotaging you in your ability to move forward
* How breath can calm or stimulate the nervous system
* Two techniques of breathwork for your immediate use!


Tuesday November 29, 2022, 7:00 pm Eastern


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Nirmal Singh is a certified life coach practitioner, Compassionate Inquiry practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Lead teacher trainer, facilitating programs that include life coaching, yoga training, meditation, and breathwork.