“How do we let the Light in?” A Meditation Workshop with Gurucharan Singh

We all have the capacity and power to love, connect with others, and be comfortable in our own skin. No matter the ups and downs of life, we can navigate them to our destination and destiny.

How do we savour fully the meaningful moments? How do we find the light that is there when things are foggy, blocked or turbulent?

This workshop takes us into experiences that elevate our emotions, shift our perspective, open our choices and find what is truly important to us as each step on our unique journey.

The meditations in this workshop are more than stillness and focus. They are a practical toolkit of experiences, varied in style and impact, that help us see clearly and trust our self and our next steps.

Let the light in and join us in this experience. Beginners and advanced meditators are invited and will benefit.

Workshop Outline
In this workshop there are several main themes to the experiences.

1. Expanding how and what we notice in our inner experience:

  • States, Shifts
  • Uniqueness
  • True Self
  • Synchronicity; Timing; Purpose

2. What Intuition is and how to:

  • Recognize it
  • Develop it
  • Apply to our life and to decisions that me make

3. Letting the Light in:

  • Recognizing blocks
  • Getting out of our own way
  • Cultivating the experience and power of inner light
    • Expanded clarity, agency and freedom
    • Kundalini and Inner Light
    • Lucidity, Luminosity, Radiance and Brilliance
    • Wholeness, True Self and Healing

4. Training the mind; not fighting

5. Embracing Your Polarities

6. Love, Miracles and Manifesting a Meaningful Life

7. How to Practice Meditations that Matter:

  • Brief
  • Variety
  • Deeper Practice

Beginners and advanced meditators are invited. There are several exercise components to the workshop along with the meditations. None are too difficult, and all participants can be included and accommodated.

Friday October 11, 2019

7:00 – 9:30pm

Church of the Messiah, 240 Avenue Road (entrance on Dupont), see map.

Advance: $50 + HST ($56.50)
Same Day: $60 + HST ($67.80)

Payment Options:
1. INTERAC e-Transfer emailed to Nirmal@TheWellnessPath.ca
2. PayPal or credit card online (with $3 handling fee)

Bring receipt, seat cushion & mat
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Bring receipt, seat cushion & mat

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., is a clinical counsellor and professor of contemplative science. He is a leader exploring the nature of consciousness and human potential using meditation and the insights of science. He was recognized by and worked with Yogi Bhajan as his Director of Training and founded the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). His energetic, insightful and humorous presence delivers experiences that hit the heart and stay with your soul.

Private Coaching with Gurucharan:
* $185 USD or $250 CAD cash
* Limited times available October 9-12, 2019
* Location: Annex
* Contact Nirmal for details: Nirmal@TheWellnessPath.ca or 416-716-1402

For more information:
Contact Nirmal at Nirmal@TheWellnessPath.ca, or 416-716-1402