“Balancing The Mind’s Aspects” – Online Meditation Intensive – September 30, 2023

Join us for this all day meditation intensive on Saturday September 30, 2023


The nine Aspects of the mind contribute to our style and personality. This is what we first notice about each other. The Aspects show up in our communication, the way we solve problems, and in our relationships. We refer to them as our “stance”. We have all of these stances to some degree, but often one or more of these dominate. Our challenge is to apply the appropriate stance in the appropriate situation! When we recognize and learn how to balance our Aspects we have a powerful tool. Let’s dive deeply into each Aspect to balance it, and in so doing, master the mind to serve us.

The nine Aspects and their nine meditations we will explore today are:
* Defender * Manager * Preserver * Artist * Producer * Missionary * Strategist * Leader * Teacher

NOTE: This intensive fulfills the group meditation day certification requirement for Kundalini Yoga Level One teacher training and one of the days for Level Three teacher training. Toronto Level One teacher training students will be attending this program in-person.

Date & Time

Saturday September 30, 2023
9:00am – 6:00 pm Eastern (lunch break approximately 12:30 – 1:30pm)


Online via Zoom link, provided after registration

1. Registration – Personal Track

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2. Registration – Certification Track

For those who are attending to fulfill a Level One or Level Three teacher training requirement, please register/pay using the registration button below.

Special Offer

This one day intensive is an excellent introduction to our Level Two training, Mind & Meditation. You can apply your tuition for this course towards a discount in the same amount when you register for Mind & Meditation, scheduled for December 4-9, 2023. This training is available either in person (Toronto) or online, and is designed for certified teachers or students.


For more information contact Nirmal Singh at [email protected] or 416-716-1402

Nirmal Singh is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer. Through The Wellness Path, Nirmal offers Kundalini Yoga related programs and events in Toronto and online including Level One and Level Two teacher trainings and sacred chant concerts. He is a certified Life Coach and Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, focusing on clients who wish to change difficult behaviour patterns, or gain insight and strength in their recovery from addictions or trauma.