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Commitment & Change

Hi Friends,
Some thoughts about responsibility, commitment and life change.

To start, who is primarily responsible for where you are now, at this stage in your life? Is it your family, or a boss, or some other influential person? Or is it you? And who’s accountable?

And to be clear, someone who’s responsible is the one who does the work, but someone who’s accountable is the one who ultimately answers for the work. (They may or may not actually do the work)!

The responsibility for your lot in life may feel like it lies with someone other than you, and for reasons outside of your control. But ultimately the only one who is accountable for your situation is YOU. You’re the one who has the most to gain or the most to lose. Why give that responsibility up to someone else?

When you wish to make a life change, there’s no real change without commitment, and please know this commitment potential is within you. What is commitment? Commitment means you’ll come through no matter what! Yes, in fact you can commit to anything, but it takes some practice… and here’s where having a discipline can help. Some commit to a daily spiritual practice, or to other means of self-care. Choose a discipline to develop a habit of committing.

So what can you commit to? Could you carve out even 3 minutes a day to a discipline? And then keep it up consistently, no matter what? This is about training the mind to get in line with what’s important to you. No excuses. No day off. When the mind gives you those excuses (too tired, too busy), say thanks for the input but I’m going to do this anyway. Why? Because you are disciplined. Because you are committed. Because you choose to be accountable.

If you want to bring about change in your life, be committed and look for support to help you keep up. Come join me on the wellness path, and sign up for a free discovery call today!