Change Your Story

Hi Friends,

In this week’s yoga class, we explored how by shifting your perspective of the past, and the stories you are locked into, you can more easily embrace the challenges that are showing up in this moment.

Do you ever feel stuck in your life professionally or personally? One reason may be because you’re stuck in your STORY. Stories can be AWESOME – a celebration of your ancestral history, or your accomplishments growing up. But what if the story in your head is telling you that you’re not good enough, you’re not ready, you’re too old or too young, etc. etc.?

Those stories often block us in this moment, by keeping us stuck in the past. What to do?

Firstly, NOTICE – ahhh, that’s my story, my thing, and then recognize it’s not true (even if you THINK it’s true), because it’s just your story (and your BELIEF in it limits you).

Secondly, DO SOMETHING to bring you fully PRESENT in this moment, like a long deep breath. That may be enough to shift you out of that limiting narrative and into the true story which is that you’re awesome and capable, just as you are!

Thirdly, RECOGNIZE you learned many lessons along the way and developed fabulous skills because of what you needed to cope with, that support you in life today. For example, you may have been neglected by your parents growing up, but you found a way, over time, to develop strong independence skills. Is that positive piece also a part of your story?

If you’d like some support changing the perspective of your story and getting unstuck, reach out and join me on the wellness path. Sign up for a free discovery call today!