Gratitude When It’s Hard

Hi Friends,

Some thoughts about gratitude, when it’s really hard.

It’s easy for me to feel grateful for the really awesome stuff that shows up in my life, like my family, my community and my work.

But what about gratitude in relation to the really awful stuff? What?! Yes! What about being grateful for the crap too? That’s a lot more difficult, and you might ask why should I feel grateful for that?

If we consider that there’s learning, and often really important learning when we confront the more difficult stuff in our lives, then yes, it makes sense to be thankful and wish to have more opportunities to learn and grow. We really don’t want to feel stuck, treading water, even if that might be easier to deal with. When we express gratitude, we attract more of what we want in our lives.

Try this exercise:
Recall an incident from the past that really bothers you. Now reframe it to find something positive, something to be grateful for. Perhaps an important skill (like self-reliance) was developed to help you cope at the time. For me, a difficult moment can be like holding up a mirror that reflects something previously hidden, because it was so uncomfortable. Being able to confront an unpleasant truth can be truly transformative! Write down your experience and allow the positive reframe to be deeply felt, in your emotions and body sensations.

Look for ways to practice gratitude throughout your day, to engage in positivity rather than obsess with what’s wrong. Pause to be grateful for your breath. Pause to give thanks for the meal you’ve received. Pause to recognize the beauty that surrounds you in any given moment. Practice gratitude often and make it a habit. When those difficult moments show up, you’ll have an opportunity to shift and experience the moment in your life in a new way.

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