Join “Yoga for Conscious Communication” Online Series!

8 Week Series Starts May 5, 2022

Our yogic teachings share the following: “The purpose of communication is to discharge your whole self, directly and completely. The manner of conscious communication is to do it with awareness, kindness and fearlessness. Any communication without this purpose and manner is not conscious communication… and leads ultimately to pain, unhappiness and harm. It does not align the mind with the soul and hence cannot align us with the reality of anyone else.”

Do you speak with awareness, kindness and fearlessness? Do you communicate so you are truly heard? Are you an effective listener?

Please join Nirmal Singh for this class series where we’ll explore the ways we communicate now, and how to improve its effectiveness, through the support of yoga and meditation.

This yoga practice will help:
* Increase our sensitivity in the way we speak with others, and even with ourselves!
* Reduce conflict in our lives with more harmonious communication
* Be more effective listeners, speakers and presenters.

For more information or to register, click HERE.